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Ever look for a great pre-game supplement? Something that despite whatever grind, stress, or hassle you’ve been through that day, can give you energy, and a mood lift? There’s a TON of things out there that claim to do this, but only a few that actually do. No really, search “party pills” and see all the things offered. Well, after trying out, and being disappointed with many of the products out there, we present to you Vegas Nites.

Vegas Nites Party Pills is a 2 pill formula that’s great for an energy, and mood boost, before hitting the town, or even a big meeting or presentation. Vegas Nites contains the following:
-5-HTP ……..Precursor to serotonin (mood enhancer)
-Vinpocentine…….Mental Alertness
-Yohimbe……..Increase sexual adrenaline
-Epimedium Sagitatum……..Increase sexual libido
-Calcium Carbonate……Absorb alcohol & toxins
-White Willow Bark………Natural pain reliever
-B Vitamins……..Replenish energy & electrolytes
-Croscarmellose Sodium…………….Time release agent

We like it for its long lasting, but not overpowering uplift. It compliments a few adult beverages quite nicely. It can counterbalance the “whash your nasme?” brain and tongue dulling effects that 1 extra vodka and soda can bring. If you’re trying to cut back on the booze, but yet find you often need it to loosen up, Vegas Nites might just be the thing for you. It tends to reduce social anxiety a bit, in our experience.

The flipside is that if you’re expecting it to have a great hangover protectant in it, it doesnt. It can help if you’ve only had a couple. If you’re most definitely taking a cab home, and your friends have taken your keys, this won’t fix the train wreck you will feel like in the morning. It is a very good formula however, that’s close to an “all in one” party pill.

Nightlife’s Suggestion:
Take 2 of these about an hour before getting to your destination. You can drink less than usual, if you’re looking to reduce your social anxiety towards that adorable hottie in the corner. If you do go over your limit, take a couple of No Hang with the last drink, or with a sports drink before bed.

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Article updated August 4th, 2016

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