MAN Sports’ Swagger Product Review

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Swagger by Man SportsSwagger from MAN Sports is designed for confidence, concentration, and energy. “The ingredients in SWAGGER™ are designed to keep you confident, focused and full of energy so you can handle whatever life throws your way successfully and with style.” Swagger has a suggested serving size of 3 caps, and contains:
N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Citicoline, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Caffeine Malate, DMAE, Bacopa monniri, Rhodiola Rosea, Picamilon, GeranatimTM (1,3-dimethylamylamine), Yohimbine HCl , and Vitamin B-6. Recommended use, as an adult dietary supplement: take 3 SWAGG-Caps once daily, preferably with food. Swagger normally retails in the $30-$33 range for a bottle.

In personal testing of Swagger, I mostly would take it roughly an hour before work, on an empty stomach, and sometimes with food. I know your supposed to take it with food, but sometimes the morning is such a rush, that you forget in getting ready, and running out the door. A few times I took it before going out on the town. I went through 1 entire bottle, and used it nearly every day.

I found the confidence boosting properties of Swagger to be very good. Especially when taken before going into social or work settings that would normally make me a bit anxious or nervous. This was especially true in reducing what’s termed “approach anxiety” in some circles of opening up a conversation with an attractive member of the opposite sex. The focus properties were not spectacular, but present. The effect usually wore off after a couple of hours, and wasn’t nearly as strong as some other focus specific products that have been reviewed previously.

What really didn’t impress me at all, were the energy and mood enhancement properties. The energy may have been comparable to a cup of coffee or two at most, and over a slightly longer period than the normal coffee “liftoff and crash.” Let’s just say they wont be scaring App Nut’s Black Cats in the energy department anytime soon. Swagger’s mood enhancement properties were possibly present, but not super noticeable. Some products, like Happy Pills give a very present, and noticeable boost, that puts you on a veritable Cloud 9. Your mileage may vary, but I don’t see it happening here.

Nightlife’s Verdict:2.5 stars (out of 5)
Swagger’s tag line is confidence, concentration, and energy. 1.5 out of 3 ain’t bad, but it ain’t great either. If your looking for a replacement for your morning Joe, Ritalin to help you focus, or your Prozac to make you feel better, this isn’t your product. If your looking for a pure confidence booster, Swagger may just be your ticket.

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