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Here’s a quick guide to some of the best venues in the Dallas area. If you’ve been to them, feel free to leave a quick blurb in the comments!

Plush Nightclub Dallas
Skye Bar
Mambo Cafe

Hotel Zaza Dallas
Black Friar Pub
Aura Uptown Dallas
Social House

Duke’s Roadhouse
Down Under Pub

Lower Greenville
Libertine Bar



Glo Lounge

by admin

Glo Lounge

Glo Lounge

Nightlife Reviews: Glo Lounge
Glo Lounge Dallas
2323 North Henderson Suite 101
Dallas, Tx 75206

Glo Lounge is tucked away on Henderson, fairly close to Ross. Be careful not to miss it, because it’s a gem. In the same plaza as Sushi Axiom, and across the street from Capital Pub, it can be easy to miss. Make sure you don’t though, as Glo can be super packed on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday nights. Before you go though, make sure you stop by Louie’s for the best pizza in Dallas.

Hot Times:
Friday and Saturday nights can see the party go strong from 10pm to 2 am. Sunday nights are a bit more sedated, but 11pm to 1 am, can get pretty crazy. The dance floor can get pretty packed, and be very hard to move on the best nights. Bring your moves, as dancing is a decent part of the experience at Glo.

Type of People:
Younger, trendy, and upscale. Ed Hardy gear, currently in fashion, is seen plenty here. Girls, wear that slinky top you’ve been dying to wear that compliments your assets. Guys, break out the True Religons or Luckys(my personal fave jeans), and rock star it up. Kick the fashion forward a notch when dressing for Glo.

Valet is available at the front of the club. Several nearby parking lots are available, but can full up early. If you come later, the side streets can be a bit sketchy.

Drink Prices:
Bud Lights are usually $4-5
Mixed Drinks are in the $7-10 range.

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Guest post by Peter Grimm

Market Street – Crocs: This is kind of an unknown gem, which is why I like it. It’s smaller, maybe the size of quarter bar at best, and the ratio is about 50/50. The reason I like this bar so much though is that no matter what, it is never that hard to get groups to open to conversation or to work over there. Its not seen as a “pickup” bar, so if you’re a casual cat like I am, just go on in and strike up a conversation about whatever with whoever and it usually goes over pretty well. I do enjoy the large stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling as well.

LoDo: Cowboys – If Crocs is not a “pickup” bar, then that’s exactly what cowboys is. The venue is shaped like a giant ring, much like the one in Dallas, only smaller. The girls are hot, but they are on their guard, so look out. Casual conversation might be met with a bitch shield, so you may need to sharpen your wit before coming out here. This is one of my favorite hangouts though. One can hop between here, the Giggling Grizzly, and LoDo’s which are all caddy corner to each other. Between them, there are probably like 300 or so girls, so if you’re just looking to go pickup girls in Denver, this is the area to hit up.

Downtown: The Church – Set in an actual Church that was abandoned…or some shit. All I know is that it isn’t a church anymore, it’s party central.

The layout is 4 different rooms, with couches, etc which makes it possibly the greatest venue in Denver for pure game. You can bounce around, you can move, you can do all that at the church. The problem is that there isn’t much else around the area, and drinks are 8 dollars a pop. Still, if you’re tired of LoDo or feeling especially classy, this is a great one to hit up. And for sure if you are a tourist, this is a must-see.

Boulder – Pearl St. Area – With a college that rivals UT Austin in size (CU Boulder), and being only 35 minutes away from Denver, it’s worth a trip to one of the many college bars out here. Enough said.

That said…

The bar scene is nice, but it is surpassed by places like Dallas. Day time meeting in Colorado is exceptional though. People in Colorado are usually very active and like to be outside doing stuff. Take a stroll down Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, 16th Street in Denver, any of the Cherry Creek parks, go skiing, biking, mountain climbing, rafting, hell…just step outside your door and you are sure to bump in to a few hotties on the way who are looking for similar ways to be active and have fun.

Dallas pickup is bars. Denver is all about striking up casual conversation with one of the many, many, many hot girls that will cross your path as you go about your daily business.

To sum it up… when in Colorado, go there to ski, shop, whatever. Don’t worry so much about where the girls will be, because ironically, it isn’t the bars where they all are, but exactly all those places where you would be hanging out if you were just minding your business.


Peter Grimm

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