The below is from Sal of Salsa by Sal. I actually met him when I wandered into a Bachata class he was teaching (full disclosure: yes, I paid for the class. ) Hes a cool guy, and great teacher.

Get your sexy back with Salsa Dancing; Stop watching and start dancing!!!!
You’ve made it here! Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a Salsa Dancer. Salsa Dancing is for everyone. It’s a diverse environment from age, ethnicity, career paths to attitudes. That’s what makes the scene so interesting and positive. An advantage of salsa dancing is that you can go dancing every night of the week. Let me be the one to introduce you to the world of salsa dancing! and oh boy are you going to love this venture!!!!
Please text me with any questions at 214.566.0873 or email me at sal@salsabysal.com.
Thank you for dropping by and I will see you in class!



There have been some questions on what supplements to take, and at what time. People are saying ” This whole party pills to make my nightlife better seems like a great idea, but can you make it SIMPLE?” Sure, no problem! You can follow the below, no matter that kinda night you’ve had. Swear!

Let’s say, it’s a Friday night, and you like to be out from the hours of 10pm to 2am:

9:15-9:30 Take an energy/mood/social supplement. (I suggest Vegas Nites.)
1:50-2:15 Take your hangover prevention of choice. (I suggest No Hang, or T.H.C.)

See! Wasn’t that easy? Just take some before, and some after, and your covered. I personally suggest drinking water, or a sports beverage with you hangover preventer of choice, just for the extra insurance.

I personally promise, trying the above will open your eyes to a new facet of nightlife experiences. Give it a shot, and leave a comment, on your experiences!


Hey all,

JC here. Today I’m letting all our fans and readers know about a service I’ve been asked to introduce. The service is Image Consultations.

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your wardrobe, and didn’t know what direction to head?

Want to make a more polished and professional impression at work?

Want to save money, by learning how to shop smartly?

Ever wanted to update your look, and remain congruent with your personality?

What will a Consultation do for you?

Please note, this will be more than just a simple suggestion session, but a full on image consultation and transformation session. I’ve spent many hours working with guys, getting their wardrobe right, and coaching them in several areas. The transformations can be shocking, depending on a person’s starting point. A consultation will have you looking better, and more stylish, than 99% of men in nearly any city. I do the “heavy lifting” for you, so you can look your best, and be your best self.

Improve your style and presence TODAY with our Professional Image Consulting Services!

Looking forward to working with you,



Steal Photos Legally!

January 11, 2010

After looking at Flickr’s Creative Commons photos, I’ve decided to offer ours under the same lisence. We have over 4300 Nightlife related pictures in 56 galleries and counting. There are some great ones from SXSW 2009 in Austin, and Austin and San Antonio travel photos too. So, feel free to use our huge cache of […]

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Nightlife Post Schedule

January 4, 2010

Up till now, I haven’t had a regular post schedule. Stuff would just pop up whenever. Many blogs have a new post everyday. Some, like Tim Ferriss, post once every 4-6 days, and have it work for them. I’d like to strike a balance between quantity, and quality. If I tried to post everyday with […]

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