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The below is from Sal of Salsa by Sal. I actually met him when I wandered into a Bachata class he was teaching (full disclosure: yes, I paid for the class. ) Hes a cool guy, and great teacher.

Get your sexy back with Salsa Dancing; Stop watching and start dancing!!!!
You’ve made it here! Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a Salsa Dancer. Salsa Dancing is for everyone. It’s a diverse environment from age, ethnicity, career paths to attitudes. That’s what makes the scene so interesting and positive. An advantage of salsa dancing is that you can go dancing every night of the week. Let me be the one to introduce you to the world of salsa dancing! and oh boy are you going to love this venture!!!!
Please text me with any questions at 214.566.0873 or email me at
Thank you for dropping by and I will see you in class!



Hey all,

JC here. Today I’m letting all our fans and readers know about a service I’ve been asked to introduce. The service is Image Consultations.

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your wardrobe, and didn’t know what direction to head?

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Ever wanted to update your look, and remain congruent with your personality?

What will a Consultation do for you?

Please note, this will be more than just a simple suggestion session, but a full on image consultation and transformation session. I’ve spent many hours working with guys, getting their wardrobe right, and coaching them in several areas. The transformations can be shocking, depending on a person’s starting point. A consultation will have you looking better, and more stylish, than 99% of men in nearly any city. I do the “heavy lifting” for you, so you can look your best, and be your best self.

Improve your style and presence TODAY with our Professional Image Consulting Services!

Looking forward to working with you,



I’ve been seeing way too much of something recently, and I just gotta get it off my chest here. Ever seen some yahoo, occasionally drunk, sometimes very much so, trying to pull rank? It usually comes on the form of “I know Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, John D. Rockefeller, and the Ghost of Christmas Past. If I don’t get my way, or you do what I ask, you’re gonna be in big trouble!” Or the even better “Do you know who I am?”

Maybe it’s Dallas, but I’ve been seeing WAYYY too much of this amateur behavior as of late. Sometimes I’m in a position to call someone on this, and sometimes I’m not. I love it when I can though, as this is CLEARLY NOT that way truly important people act.

How to act like a VIP

1. A true VIP doesn’t have to tell you he’s important.
Really, they don’t. Either because everyone knows them already, and knows who they are, or they can actually fix whatever the issue is very quickly. Picture it this way, do you think Bill Gates has asked ANYONE in the past 20 years or so ”do you know who I am?” I very much doubt it.

2. True VIPs know how much weight they have, and use it judiciously.
Think about it. Bill Gates goes into a restaurant for dinner, and something doesn’t go well. Maybe the waiter get busy or something, or his food doesn’t come out cooked right. Who knows? Do you think for a second, that whatever is wrong, won’t be beyond fixed, before he really has to ask about it? Maybe someone is rude to him, that doesn’t know who he is. Think that person wouldn’t be in hot water in about 5 seconds? You bet your sweet hindmost parts that they would be!

3. It’s mostly the “middle class” yahoos trying to pretend that try to pull rank.
Seriously. It’s the guy making 60K, driving his BMW, and thinking he’s awesome, that’s usually rude to other people. Ladies, if the guy your with treats the wait staff like crap, it’s a matter of time before he sends it your way. Guys, likewise. If she gets all high maintenance, and treats your waiter like a slave, exit stage left, and feel free to buy me a cold one for the tip. If shes like that NOW, just imagine the drama, nagging, and hating your life in the future!

I learned this lesson, through years of working in the service industry. I’ve had the chance to be around people you’ve surely heard of, John Schnatter, founder of Papa Johns Pizza, Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, Judge Judy, Ross Perot, among many others. I’ve also been around many people you likely will never hear of. Know who treated me the best, hands down? The millionaires. This goes counter to what many think of truly rich folks. Nearly all were polite, and friendly, and tipped well. Not once did any one of them ever ask, “do you know who I am?” or anything like it.

4. The truly successful don’t have to name drop.
This is a sure giveaway that your dealing with a mid level Joe or Josephine. When they start listing off people that they know, when things don’t do their way, it’s their insecurity, or LACK of authority that comes to the surface.

I will let this video from the JumpSmokers close us out with a final thought:


Your Entourage: The Key to Having a Great Night Out

March 25, 2010

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March 2, 2010

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