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Ever look for a great pre-game supplement? Something that despite whatever grind, stress, or hassle you’ve been through that day, can give you energy, and a mood lift? There’s a TON of things out there that claim to do this, but only a few that actually do. No really, search “party pills” and see all the things offered. Well, after trying out, and being disappointed with many of the products out there, we present to you Vegas Nites.

Vegas Nites Party Pills is a 2 pill formula that’s great for an energy, and mood boost, before hitting the town, or even a big meeting or presentation. Vegas Nites contains the following:
-5-HTP ……..Precursor to serotonin (mood enhancer)
-Vinpocentine…….Mental Alertness
-Yohimbe……..Increase sexual adrenaline
-Epimedium Sagitatum……..Increase sexual libido
-Calcium Carbonate……Absorb alcohol & toxins
-White Willow Bark………Natural pain reliever
-B Vitamins……..Replenish energy & electrolytes
-Croscarmellose Sodium…………….Time release agent

We like it for its long lasting, but not overpowering uplift. It compliments a few adult beverages quite nicely. It can counterbalance the “whash your nasme?” brain and tongue dulling effects that 1 extra vodka and soda can bring. If you’re trying to cut back on the booze, but yet find you often need it to loosen up, Vegas Nites might just be the thing for you. It tends to reduce social anxiety a bit, in our experience.

The flipside is that if you’re expecting it to have a great hangover protectant in it, it doesnt. It can help if you’ve only had a couple. If you’re most definitely taking a cab home, and your friends have taken your keys, this won’t fix the train wreck you will feel like in the morning. It is a very good formula however, that’s close to an “all in one” party pill.

Nightlife’s Suggestion:
Take 2 of these about an hour before getting to your destination. You can drink less than usual, if you’re looking to reduce your social anxiety towards that adorable hottie in the corner. If you do go over your limit, take a couple of No Hang with the last drink, or with a sports drink before bed.

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Article updated August 4th, 2016

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Swagger by Man SportsSwagger from MAN Sports is designed for confidence, concentration, and energy. “The ingredients in SWAGGER™ are designed to keep you confident, focused and full of energy so you can handle whatever life throws your way successfully and with style.” Swagger has a suggested serving size of 3 caps, and contains:
N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Citicoline, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Caffeine Malate, DMAE, Bacopa monniri, Rhodiola Rosea, Picamilon, GeranatimTM (1,3-dimethylamylamine), Yohimbine HCl , and Vitamin B-6. Recommended use, as an adult dietary supplement: take 3 SWAGG-Caps once daily, preferably with food. Swagger normally retails in the $30-$33 range for a bottle.

In personal testing of Swagger, I mostly would take it roughly an hour before work, on an empty stomach, and sometimes with food. I know your supposed to take it with food, but sometimes the morning is such a rush, that you forget in getting ready, and running out the door. A few times I took it before going out on the town. I went through 1 entire bottle, and used it nearly every day.

I found the confidence boosting properties of Swagger to be very good. Especially when taken before going into social or work settings that would normally make me a bit anxious or nervous. This was especially true in reducing what’s termed “approach anxiety” in some circles of opening up a conversation with an attractive member of the opposite sex. The focus properties were not spectacular, but present. The effect usually wore off after a couple of hours, and wasn’t nearly as strong as some other focus specific products that have been reviewed previously.

What really didn’t impress me at all, were the energy and mood enhancement properties. The energy may have been comparable to a cup of coffee or two at most, and over a slightly longer period than the normal coffee “liftoff and crash.” Let’s just say they wont be scaring App Nut’s Black Cats in the energy department anytime soon. Swagger’s mood enhancement properties were possibly present, but not super noticeable. Some products, like Happy Pills give a very present, and noticeable boost, that puts you on a veritable Cloud 9. Your mileage may vary, but I don’t see it happening here.

Nightlife’s Verdict:2.5 stars (out of 5)
Swagger’s tag line is confidence, concentration, and energy. 1.5 out of 3 ain’t bad, but it ain’t great either. If your looking for a replacement for your morning Joe, Ritalin to help you focus, or your Prozac to make you feel better, this isn’t your product. If your looking for a pure confidence booster, Swagger may just be your ticket.


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.Winston Churchill

Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiam.-Winston Churchill

Life can be very tough. Sometimes you fall face down, and it’s hard to get back up. Sometimes, you could have prevented it, sometimes, there was little you could have done. Regardless of the obstacle, regardless of the circumstances, becoming resilient is key.

Mirriam-Webster defines resilience as “the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress,” or “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” What is this mysterious capacity for some to come back from seemingly insurmountable setbacks

Note: There are tons of studies done on this topic, that go well beyond the scope of what is able to be covered here. The aim of this article is to provide a starting point.

Seven Tips for Building Resilience:

1. Focus on where you are going, not where you are.
It can be easy to be convinced by your surroundings and circumstances if they look bleak. Maybe you have been a success before, and now your underemployed, unemployed, and unappreciated. It’s really starting to get to you and create doubts. It’s easy to let your self confidence drop into the toilet.

2. Count your blessings.
I don’t care who you are, or where you are, there are things you can be thankful for. If you’re a POW, those things may be limited, but even in such a dire situation you can give thanks to Providence for being alive, and for those who care for you, and wish you to be home with them. Odds are there aern’t many current POW’s reading this, so YOU have many more things to be thankful for.

3. Have a support system.
Surrounding yourself with people to lean on, will help you from feeling victimized, or overwhelmed. Volunteering, being connected to a social circle, and being party of a spiritual community greatly help a person’s resilience.

4. Keep things in true perspective.
Always look at your situation as part of the bigger context of your own life. Keeping a long-term perspective help when you look at all the ups and downs that come your way. Sometimes thing are up , sometimes things are down, and sometimes you don’t know which way IS up. That’s just life. Part of keeping your resilience factor up, is knowing how all of these puzzle pieces fit into the bigger picture of the completed puzzle.

5. Remember and focus on others who have been in a similar situation.
Reading through the stories of successful people, even legends, can help to lift your spirits. If you haven’t done so, please read through the stories of Abraham Lincoln(business and political struggles, depression), Richard Branson (ADHD), Theodore Roosevelt and FDR (health challenges), Donald Trump (debt), Albert Einstein (Nazis), Thomas Edison (failed in school, Michael Jordan (cut from high school basketball team), and more. The people just listed overcame things that would have obliterated lesser persons, and yet they are all famous names. When the chips are down, read about those that have walked a mile in your shoes, and came through it.

6. Resilient people banish “failure” from their vocabulary.
There is no such thing as failure. In fact, many successful leaders and people don’t use the word at all. Now, they can and will use words like setback, obstacle, challenge, learning experience, mistake, but never failure. This is called “Reframing” in NLP terms, and is an important concept. By changing the association or terms by which you refer to something, you can change how your mind evaluates the issue.

7. “Failure” is never final.
“Failure is not a failure, unless you fail to learn from the mistake.” says Howard Hendricks, the noted professor and leadership expert. The odds are good, that unless the mistake will literally kill you, you can come back from it, and/or learn from it. Remember when you tried to learn how to ride a bike? Many things, indeed most things in life are similar. Sure that scuffed knee, or dinged elbow hurt for a bit. But you got a band-aid, or an asprin, and it went away. You got back on the bike, and got better. Your mistakes got less and less, and your learned to become comfortable, and secure in what you could do. Many executives have much to learn from kids. “Falling off the bike” is a great way to look at things in life, and being resilient. Hop back on and keep pedalin’!

What keeps you going, when times get tough?


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