Hangover Cures

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No HangDon’t you hate going back on something you said earlier? Well, regarding hangover cures, this is becoming the case. The hangover cure that was proposed before was mighty effective, I’m not gonna lie, but it did involve a few different pills, and one might not remember to take all the necessary ones before hitting the sheets for the night. Popping a bunch of pills while tipsy, can be a challenge. Don’t ask me how I know.

Product Review of No-Hang

Recently we’ve found that a product called No-Hang works really well. I mean REALLY well. Just pop a couple of these, and your good to go. Only 2 pills. NO HANGOVERS! I swear I’m not kidding here. It’s stronger and more effective than anything else out there that we have seen.

No-Hang works to neutralize the toxins produced by the liver, in it’s breakdown of alcohol. It prevents the throbbing head, cotton mouth, and nausea that a night on the town can bring. No-Hang is all natural, and safe. No negative side effects have been seen so far. Even better, it’s non prescription, and readily available.

What has been found during our research is that it’s best to take these with your last drink of the night, or sometime before you go to bed. Taken while drinking, after your 2 of 4 drinks for example, it can give the next drinks a lessened effect. It doesn’t protect against dehydration, alcohol poisoning, or DUI though, so please drink responsibly, and take No-Hang with a bottle of water or a sports drink.

The company claims that it works for 24 hours, and this is pretty accurate. Some users have noticed that it can cure hangovers 2 nights in a row on a single dose. Sounds too good to be true, but I’m not making this up! We don’t suggest trying this out, but wanted to let you know.

Nightlife’s Verdict: 5 STARS (out of 5)
Now, you can really have fun without that nagging fear in the back of your mind about how you’ll feel the next morning. Enjoy your new life, now that hangovers are cured, and No-Hang makes them a grim memory.

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Hangover Cures

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What a night!! You had a great time celebrating, and met a few cuties as well. Where things start to sour, is that round when you just knewit was one too many. You were over your limit, and started thinking about fixing the damage done. It’s time for a cure for the common enemy: the hangover. After all, you got places to be tomorrow. Your weekdays look more like Rockefeller than Kid Rock, and that’s a very good thing.

We here at Nightlife Supplements have taken a look at traditional remedies for hangovers, and have frankly found them wanting. The “hair of the dog” remedy comes to the forefront of offenders. Really, what is that going to do for you? If your Keith Richards, I’m sure it’s a great idea, but otherwise, it’s not going to work. The drive-thru window at 3 am for some greasy food, insist all that great of an idea either. Eating all those calories, especially a lot of carbs, right before bed is how a lot of people gain “the freshman 15.” If it can pack the pounds on you at 21, how much more so when your older, and your metabolism isn’t what it used to be?

Alcohol taxes your liver, dehydrates you, and strips your body of electrolytes, especially if your sweating on the dance floor. The hangover cureswe have found address all three aspects of this, so you can wake up the next morning without the head pounding, seasickness feeling that comes after a great night out.

The first aspect of curing hangovers before they start is rehydration, and replacing electrolytes and vitamins. A great product for this is Nimbus Nutrition’s Poseidon. It’s a powder mix specifically designed for maximum hydration, and contains both electrolytes, b-vitamins, which your body uses when stressed, and that 5th shot of Tuaca surely qualifies as stress, and vitamin C. The b-vitamins will aid in metabolizing alcohol and will help blood vessels to dilate. Vitamin C helps the liver with breaking down alcohol, and has immune system benefits also. You can use Gatorade, or Powerade, but it doesn’t have the punch that we’ve found Poseidon has.

The second aspect is cleansing or assisting the liver, to clear your system, and minimize the toxins that alcohol breakdown produces. N-acetyl-cystene is an amino acid that has great anti toxic properties. It’s fairly cheap, and can be found at nearly any local vitamin store. Milk thistle is a herb that also helps with liver detoxification, and can be found locally and cheaply as well.

The third aspect is a multi vitamin. A decent multi, will have all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs. A multi is like cheap insurance, and covers your bases. It prevents long term deficiencies from happening from your diet, and you really should be taking on a daily basis anyways, especially if your daily activities involve more than being a recliner tester, or movie critic.

A word of caution about painkillers. Acetaminophen, found in Tylenol, can cause liver damage, as the alcohol in your system is already taxing your liver, and this just multiplies the stress on your liver. Sure it seems like a great idea, but use this sparingly, if at all. Aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil) can be hard on the stomach also. Naproxin Sodium might be a better solution, if necessary, the next day.


    The Nightlife Supplements Hangover Cure:

Before bed:
-2-3 scoops Poseidon in a large glass of water
-N-acetyl cystene
-milk thistle(optional)
-a multi vitamin

We like this solution, because it’s quick, easy, and stunningly effective. Even if your super tanked, putting a few scoops of powder in a glass of water, and a few pills is doable as a hangover cure. Please drink responsibly, and DON’T drink and drive.

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